“Rocking, Rootsy, and Refreshingly Free.” 

The Holman Autry Band is a group formed with members from Madison County, GA, Brodye Brooks, Josh Walker, and Casey King…

They’ve done their riffs of Southern inspired music since 2006, blending the styles of the Allman Brothers with Lynyrd Skynyrd grit and all the finesse of The Eagles.  

We now have a total of 7 full length albums! 

Visit us at holmanautryband.com  

Enjoy the music and help us spread the word. We thank you all!


The members of the Holman Autry Band grew up in the same county in Georgia, all went to and graduated from the same high school, and yet none of them ever imagined that they would be knowing each other better, or would be starting a Band together! But then, when it all started coming together as they each found their individual love for music, a couple of the guys started jamming together. Which led to another joining in to jam with the guys, and then another, until it reached a six-person Band who saw potential in each other’s talents. Did I mention, they are all self-taught musicians. So, then the jamming turned into practicing to hopefully perform. These guys relentlessly practiced and wow, they did get to start performing live events in 2006. And they were good! So, as they were performing, many fans and friends said “this is truly Southern Rock, Real Music, and some called it Black Label Country”.  

As time and performances continued and the guys kept listening to their fans, people started demanding a CD from them!! So, it’s time to go to the studio and get busy on that for them as soon as we can because that’s what they want! And at this point in time, 2007, we had enough original material to record and release our debut album on CD titled “Holman Autry Band” which consists of 13 original songs! Within two months after the release of this self-titled album, there were songs being played on the radio in Athens, GA and all the way to Belgium and more. This made us happy that folks liked what we were doing!

So yes, it’s true, we started performing in small venues in college towns and just made a bunch of new friends and fans. For to us, what’s the difference, fans and friends, friends and fans, same thing. We have had a great time meeting so many great folks over the years. But moving on… Then we started to completely outgrow most of these small venues due to more and more folks coming out to enjoy the shows! That really was kind of a good problem for us. We went from venues that would hold 100 people to venues that would hold thousands of people very quickly and with that fact, got to keep meeting more great people!

So now, we are moving into 2009 and more and more folks kept saying to us, guys we’ve gotta have another album from y’all… okay, that was music to our ears!! Over this time, we had never stopped writing new music, and learning new things, and so we decided we needed to truly get an executive producer who could help us on our second album project. We are so thankful for being referred to a true music genius who’s credentials list is more than we can even write down! Speaking of Davis Causey, forming member of the group Sea Level from back in the late 70’s, and just so many more accomplishments. Also, one of the best guitarist and all round musician we’d ever met. So, we got started in the studio with Davis on our second full length album titled “Sweet Southern Wind”. We were also honored to have some sit ins on this album project with us. On some tracks, you’ll hear Chuck Leavell adding in his magic on the keyboards. Wow, what a great guy Chuck is, we all thought, how and why would he sit in with us… Just another answered prayer we guess… Thank you Davis and Chuck!!

Still on the road making music as the project was going on… And yes, making more new friends along the way!!

So here we are, still in 2009, and the “Sweet Southern Wind” album is completed and ready for release. We had our first CD release party for this album along with a sold-out crowd at The Georgia Theatre in Athens, GA. This moment in time is still just awesome to us all… Still true to date, the song titled “Sweet Southern Wind” has received more plays worldwide than any other song we’ve done, though so many songs are doing so well!

We find ourselves performing to all size audiences from private parties and weddings to concert events with thousands and thousands and more folks in attendance. But, it’s always great to go back to that place that you consider home in Athens, GA, The Georgia Theatre, and that place that you consider home in Augusta, GA, The Country Club…and so, many more locations over the years that we are proud to call home. It’s always nice to be home.

So, we’re rolling along, practicing, performing, growing and just loving making music as we realize, wow it’s 2010!

And… so folks again start telling us we need another album from you guys!! Wow, this is great! They want more! This new album to be released in 2010 is actually comprised of Holman Autry Band songs that Warner Chappell in Nashville, TN wanted composed and produced by our friend Davis Causey, the engineer they picked for this group of songs. With all these things in mind from Warner, we decided to call our third album “Nashville Sessions”. The sound quality again rings through in this work as it does in our second album which Davis Causey produced also. In December of 2010, “Nashville Sessions” was completed and released.

After all this, and over the next few years, we found ourselves busy performing and on the road to new places which always means to us, making new friends. In the years to come two of the Band members left the group of their own accord to pursue other things in their lives. So now we are down to four core members comprising the Holman Autry Band. We continue to write new music, practice, perform, practice, perform, write new music and on and on. The four of us honed our musical talents and vocal capabilities to the next level. We four, are now the Holman Autry Band. As time passes by, we can’t hardly believe it’s sneaking up on 2015!! Where did the years go? Just making music and having fun with all of our new-found friends.

So, you guessed it, it’s 2015 and everyone started telling us again they wanted another album from us! Man, this is truly awesome to hear from so many people!! We started talking about the executive producer for the new project and contacted John Keane. Talking about another musical genius, that would be John Keane. John is known for many things, to name a few, he recorded most all the R.E.M. music, worked, toured, and recorded with Widespread Panic, and wow the lists of John’s accomplishments just goes on and on! Not to mention he is an extremely talented musician himself! John said he would love to work with us on our project. Ok, there’s another dream come true! It was in July of 2015 when we went to John Keane Studios to begin working on our new album. Five months later came the results…

In December of 2015, our fourth album titled “Electric Church” was completed and released!! We and everyone was overjoyed with the quality of the new album! Thank you so much John Keane for work

Wow, this is great! You all are asking us for more new music!! This new album to be released in 2019 is comprised of all original Holman Autry Band songs as always! We are honored to again work with our friend Davis Causey, the engineer and producer of our FIFTH album titled “Roots”. The sound quality again rings through in this work as it does in our second album titled “Sweet Southern Wind” and our album titled “Nashville Sessions” which Davis Causey produced also. Micah Bennett and Davis Causey together recorded, mixed, and engineered this album! Welcome to “Roots”!! Thank you so, so much to Davis, Micah, Tom, Kara, and Tim for all you helped us with, but mostly for your friendship!!

As all our albums from the first, all the way to the latest release, you will hear our diversity in genre. Everything from Rock to Country Rock. People have said “Holman Autry Band is a little bit of Hank, a little bit Metallica, and a healthy dose of "Southern Rock" and "Country", that is all a part of the Holman Autry Band sound. If you like Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Allman Brothers Band, and Govt Mule, you are sure to love the Holman Autry Band”.

We have been honored over the years to play with some National Touring Artists that you’ve probably heard of. To name a few, The Zac Brown Band, Craig Morgan,  Lee Roy Parnell, Buckcherry, The Bellamy Brothers, Brantley Gilbert, Lee Brice, and others as well. We’ve been playing in so many venues and have been welcomed everywhere we go. We are constantly making so many new friends and fans alike and thank you all for that.

We thank you all!

Holman Autry Band

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