1. State of Peace

From the recording Sweet Southern Wind

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State Of Peace ©
I took a ride one day
With my old friend Mr. Lonely
And his gal Misery riding in the back
Left my home, left my life
Packed up my heartaches and packed up my strife
Bought a one-way ticket down a one-way track

There ain’t nothing behind me but these shadows of doubt and shades of gray
Gonna find my blue sky that she took away

When I reached the town of put her behind me
I took a right turn on Memory Lane
And end up on the road to nowhere fast
Crossed over bridges that have long since burned
And a river of tears that tumbled and churned
Past rocky emotions and turbulent winds of change
And that was just the first mile
I got a million more to go
Will I ever reach that state of peace?
I just don’t know

I move on one step at a time
Trying to walk that curving, jagged line
Wondering what did I say?
I keep on moving, keep on boozing
Try to win but I keep on losing
This fight to keep the pain at bay

And if I had to do it all over again
I’d step right back onto this road again

The hardest road to travel is the one through goodbye
But I don’t have the time to sit and wonder why