1. I Ain't Bitter

From the recording Sweet Southern Wind

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I Ain’t Bitter ©
I hope these words are taken well
Don’t think they’re the ramblings of a love sick fool still under your spell
I hope this message gets to you
I hope when you hear this song you listen more than you used to, oh yeah

I hope your folks are doing fine
Did your mama stop smoking dope, did your daddy stop drinking cheap ass wine?
Did your brother get out of jail?
Did you sister work overtime on the street corner just to make his bail

I hope you think about me each and every single day
I hope you cry over the love that you threw away
Cause in a race of losers you sure were a winner
And before you go and get mad, well just remember I ain’t bitter

I heard about your new boyfriend Zack
I head he was a wine connoisseur I heard he was good in the sack
Now who told me that you say?
His ex-boyfriend Chuck I talked to him the other day
Hey you still got that pimping ride?
That 80’s Honda Civic primer gray with the dent in the side
The zebra print seat covers were such a big hit
And if you cleaned out all the trash it probably wouldn’t smell like

Don’t bet me wrong it wasn’t all that bad
I was just reminiscing about all the good times that we had
Last Friday night is one that I remember well
Wasn’t that the night you told me I could just go straight to hell
Other than that, I hope everything goes your way
And I hope you don’t get hit by a tractor trailer today
Me, I’ve got so many things to do
Like writing this song about how much I really love you