1. Wildest Dreams

From the recording Holman Autry Band

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Wildest Dreams ©
Walk down this old hallway pictures lined with dust
Walls painted blue, but just a bit darker on a Sunday around dusk
Her old letters on the floor must’ve fell out of the last box
That I took out of the door but she won’t be back here anymore
And as I walk through this old house
I’ll breathe so deep and make the memories a lasting thing
And I’ll just smile and make a place in my mind
All those thoughts will go there
Where my wildest dreams dare

3 a.m. just east of Nashville stop for coffee and a warm refill
Then back to my motel, it’s become my own personal hell
T.V. is on, more bad news I turn it off and find my thoughts drifting to you
Kill the lights now what’ll I do?
And as I lay to sleep I’ll dream of a time when I knew you
And for one sweet moment I’ll see you standing there
And I’ll awake with a smile and a thought of peace
That I’ll bring back from there
Where my wildest dreams dare

It’s been oh so long and I have tried to be strong
But no matter what they say your memory won’t let go
And no matter how it all may crumble away
I’ll hold on to you until that final day
And as I lay to die
I remember my life with and without you
I’ll recall all the brighter days
Then I’ll spread my wings and fly away to where
All my wildest dreams dare