From the recording Sweet Southern Wind

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In A Little While ©
My phone starts ringing at half past nine
Just the way it has every night since July
That’s where this all begins
Hello baby, how have you been?
We say goodnight, I love you, see you soon
Then I lay in silence in the dark of my room
Knowing in the back of my mind
You’ll be laying down next to him tonight

In a little while all my dreams while come true
The cold pillow I clutch tonight will be you
My wait will be over in a matter of time
And I will have all the love he has in your eyes

We left the hotel on a cold winter’s day
Out towards the edge of town we made our way
We haven’t said a word, the feeling best felt
And not heard
Pull up to your house and here it comes again
One last kiss then see you God know when
As I touch your hand, I feel that golden ring
And to think last night I was your everything

In a little while he’ll be coming home
You’ll be his loving wife and I’ll be all alone
Until you need me again to stand
In his place and be the other man

In a little while has become seven years
Ever since I said goodbye at least a hundred tears
But that’s better than the thousands I cried each night
Wishing that you were here
I run that conversation over again in my head
Looking for something, anything that I might have said
That I could think back and regret
But girl I just ain’t found one yet

In a little while your memory will be gone
Blown away like yesterday, and I’ll have moved on
In a little while is all that’s left to say
In a little while has become today