1. Watch You Go

From the recording Sweet Southern Wind

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Another moving song featuring Chuck Leavell on keyboards


Watch You Go ©
Face just like an angel
But always a devil inside
I thought that I could always hold your hand
Now I find myself here wondering why
Please believe me
There’s ain’t nothing that I would not do
If it meant that I would never find myself
Here without you

And still I watch you go
With my own chains holding me behind
And still I watch you go
And I drift back one memory at a time

Back here in my little world
Built on frustration and shame
There are a million different foolish things
And a million different reasons upon which to place the blame
Now it would’ve been so easy
To open up my heart and just let you in
But there I go making the same mistakes that I have made
Over and over, and over again

I still don’t get it
Don’t figure that I ever will
All these dreams I had for us
Why can’t I make them real?
Can’t you see how much I need you?
Without you I’m just not the same man
Yet I see everything I ever wanted
It’s slipping right through my hands