1. Glory Days

From the recording Holman Autry Band

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Glory Days ©
Yesterday, is fading away
Thinking about the music, and how it’s changed
As my head hits the pillow, my mind starts to race
Starts thinking back to those Glory Days
Sitting back being stoned, Free to go wherever I roam
With some Skynyrd and some Stevie Ray Vaughn
Hendrix anthem up on a stage, minds lost in a Purple Haze
That’s what I call Glory Days

Yesterday, is long since passed
Show me a band today that’s gonna last
As I look out my window, I put a smile on my face
Start thinking back to those Glory Days
Sitting back getting drunk, dancing to a little Grand Funk
Just cause we’re an American Band
CCR’s Fortunate Son, did the best he ever could’ve done
That’s what I call glory Days

Music today, just ain’t the same
It’s more about fortune, and less about fame
Just look at all these bands, just trying to get paid
Bet they never heard about those Glory Days
When Deep Purple turned it to eleven, Zeppelin sang about a Stairway to Heaven,
don’t forget the man they call Slowhand
Hear the Eagles Take it to the Limit one more time
Johnny Cash is still Walking the Line