From the recording Holman Autry Band

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This One’s for You ©
I know there stands many a mile
Between you and me now
We have taken different directions
But I don’t worry about that anyhow

Because I know this feeling will still be the same
And I know you will remember my name
And that you would stand with me and sing

Nothing in this world lasts forever
But if something reaches deep into your soul
It becomes a part of you
To have even when you grow old

And if I could reach that place
Would it always bring a smile to your face?
And would you still stand up with me and sing?

Na na na
Na na na

Where ever life may take you
You can take these words and hold them true
My spirit will always be there
My heart and soul belong to you

And on the day that we meet again
Our song will never have an end
And I know you'd still stand up with me and sing

Na na na
Na na na
Na na na
Na na na