From the recording Holman Autry Band

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Good at Lovin’ You ©
I’ve never been too good at shooting those billiard balls
Never stood out in a smoky old pool hall
Never could call myself a gambling man
Always on ace short of that winning hand
Could never grill a burger
Could never catch a bass
Could never bag a deer
To save my sorry well…

I sure can drink and get crazy with my party crowd
And I’m good at singing Hank and I’m good at getting loud
And it may not seem like much but I know it’s true
I’m good at loving you

I’ve never been too good at racing or fighting games
No good at throwing darts or at remembering names
But there’s one I recall and it always makes me grin
Picks me up when I’m feeling down every now and then
I feel just like a king when you hold my hand
You always make me want to be a better man

And with some country playing softly on the radio
You hold me closer and we start dancing slow
And you look deep in my eyes and I know it’s true
I’m good at loving you

I can’t build a mansion, I can’t fix a car
Never could play golf, never was quite up to par
But nothing matters except the way I feel for you
And loving you is the only thing I want to do
Who cares if I can’t dance? Who cares if I can’t cook?
When it comes to loving you, you know I wrote the book
I’m so happy and I’m gonna tell all the world
I’m proud to be your man and proud to call you my girl
After all this time, it remains true
I’m good at loving you