From the recordings Roots, Roots, and Only Rock 'n Roll

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Your Own Disaster ©
Now we’ve all got our little hang ups, we have got our little deals
We have got our eccentricities and a mailbox full of bills
Save a single nickel today, and spend twenty dollars all the rest
That’s the nature of the beast, that you’re trying to kill faster
Spinning around in place, watch ‘em make their own disaster
Now we’ve all got our own opinions, spread ‘em out just like a plague
The gossamer glamor helps to even up the taste
Well you must excuse my doubt, if I can’t seem to get my head that far
Up my own assumption that you know what you’re talking about
When all you hear is static from a self-reported master
Stand back and give ‘em room, watch ‘em make their own disaster
This must be mass confusion, communicable delusion
Who is in charge of this puppet show?
Every single line is ad-libbed, might as well be a Mad Lib
And I want my money back
Pay up sucker
All I hear is blah, blah, blah from these self-reported masters
Stand back and give ‘em all the room you can and they’ll make their own disaster