From the recording Electric Church

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The Grass Can Wait ©
Well, the work days done and here I sit, going down my honey-do list
Looking at the jungle that used to be my front yard
Well, it’s been two weeks and it’s looking rough, I think I put it off long enough
I gas up the snapper and then I get a call
Says “hey my friend it’s hot today and my cooler’s full of beer
About to get the grill fired up tell me when can you be here?”

Well, the grass can wait, one more day
Yeah, the grass can wait, it ain’t all that bad anyway
I think I’ll put the keys back on the shelf
Cuz my friends don’t cook alone, and that Bud won’t drink itself
Yeah, when a good time falls right onto your plate
The grass can wait

Well, it’s hard waking up after so much fun, look out the window and it still ain’t done
I said “just one more” just one too many times
With a little buzz still rolling through my head, I back the mower out of the shed
But then I hear that truck coming up the drive
And my buddy hopes out, got his boat hitched up and the fishing poles inside
He looks at me with a big old smile and says “wanna take a ride?”

Well, the grass can wait, I’ll be back around 5
Yeah, the grass can wait, hell it’s only knee high
I think I’ll put the keys back on the shelf
Cuz the small mouth and the striper ain’t gonna catch themselves
And I’ll bet it’s nice and cool down on the lake
Yes, the grass can wait

Call me lazy, say I’ve got things out of line, ell living life is such a better waste of my time
Cuz the summer days are always gone so soon, and there never seems to be enough Sunday afternoon
Well, the grass can wait, honey I know it can’t get worse
Yeah, the grass can wait, but there’s no need to yell and curse
Just a few more hours and then we can walk through our backyard without getting lost again
And I’ll get to it when Jr wins this race
Cuz the grass can wait.