1. Last Rites

From the recording Electric Church

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Last Rites ©
Bury me, in my favorite t-shirt, and my holiest pair of jeans,
and if the undertaker can, sew a smile on my face,
cover my eyes with my ray ban shades.

Cause I've heard that light will be so bright, and I sure want to see my way.
Strait up to the gate where heaven waits, where I'll shed my sin and be among the saints.
So don't you cry when I die, it's my bones you lay to rest.
Yeah, there ain't no grave that can hold the saved, I hope to see you all someday

On the day, they lay my body low.
You'll finally hear my songs on the radio.
And all the boys in the band will be hearing you sing along.
While I'm teaching them to the heavenly host.

You know there ain't nothing to me like sweet harmony,
it's got the power to soothe a soul.
So let’s do this thing lift your voices sing, let your soulshine yeah let it flow.
But don't you sing some slow sad song, celebrate me going home.
Let your last memory be a good one of me. I'm movin on to a heavenly home.

This is the last rites, of a soul who's seen the light,
so don't go thinkin I'm preaching to you. Just singing about where I stand,
so everybody clap your hands, and sing me a song, of hallelu.

Hallelujah, Hallelujah, when it comes my time to go sing hallelu