1. Jesus in Jail

From the recordings Roots and Roots

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Jesus In Jail ©
Seems every body finds Jesus in jail
When the devil catches up, with raising hell.
There must be a neon Jesus saves sign, above every cell.
Seems every body finds Jesus in jail.

It all starts out the same,
one more pill to kill the pain
Then 2 then 3 and 4
Now 10 don't do a thing anymore
For years it went on like this
Started thieving to feed that little itch
you've lost your family and friends
Got 2 years in the pen,
We hear your preaching, about a light, you found within

Two years they came and they went
Told yourself it was time well spent
Found out your wife had moved on,
how much your children had grown
Fell back into those old ways again.
This time it's a new kind of pain
But the fix you chose is the same
Yes This time it's much worse, you killed for the pills in a purse
Didn't bother to even read her name.

Now 30 years has come to an end
You could hear that warden come in
After They shaved off your hair
And Strapped you to that chair
the preachers last rites began.
Son any last words will you say,
Before they send you on your way?
You Said oh lord please forgive, this was no way to live.
As we watched that neon flicker and fade.

Guess he finally found Jesus in jail
Yes he's finally free from that cell
Thank god for neon Jesus saves signs
That freed him from that hell
Glad he finally found Jesus in jail