From the recordings Roots and Roots

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Great American Tragedy ©
Is the world you see what you had in mind
When you were just a little child
Miracles and stars in your eyes
Now you take a look around this place
With a sad look upon your face
I think there's been a terrible mistake

Too much shakeup and no triumph
In that house upon the hill
They don't know the answers and I don't
Think they ever will
Are we too far gone to come back home?
Or will this simply be
The Great American Tragedy

I'd like to welcome you to today
It's dark in here but don't be afraid
Hope and change they swear it's on the way
We're blindly searching for the light
In this never-ending bitter fight
Of who has told the truth
And who has told a lie

Place the blame on just one man
Some say you can't, some scream you can
A hard line drawn on a pile of sand
Now we've seen the death of liberty
Common sense, responsibilities
Fathers, what have we done?
Fathers, what have we become?
Sacred scroll of yesterday
Ripped up, burned, and thrown away

Now the climb back up seems so steep
And the river below is far too deep
And we're drifting closer everyday
And if one ship is swallowed down
You best believe we all will drown
The ties that bind were never meant to break

So listen to me one more time
As I lay it out there on the Line
Do you know just what you have to lose?
What about all those who gave their lives
Still trying to save the dream?
It's the great American Tragedy