1. Dam Fishing

From the recordings Roots and Roots

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Dam Fishing ©
I’ve got a good friend sometimes I call him Jabber Jim
Cuz, he loves spinning a fishing tale
He’s caught a hundred so he claims, master of the gilled game
A Zebco sporting, angling man
But now he doesn’t boast, he turns whiter than a ghost
As he recounts one that got away
Swears that it was this big; swam up, spit out his rig
Took off and gave him the middle fin

That was two weeks ago, down by the levee
And he ain’t been the same since that day
All his usual sweet spots have all gone cold
Cuz he can’t seem to get away

From dam fishing, casting along the rocks
Dam fishing, trawling up and down the blocks
I’ve never seen him acting quite like this
No telling how many days of work he has missed
Dam fishing

Morning, noon, and night he’s just waiting on that bite
So, he can reel up the proof for all to see
His wife I think is quite fed up, pretty sure she’s had enough
Indulging his fishy fantasy
Hadn’t heard from him in days, so I motored around the way
Just to make sure that he was still alive
Something tells me the he won’t be
If he don’t wake up and see that she’s at the end of her line

She was standing on her dock as I pulled up and called out
“Hey, I’m looking for Jim, Ms. Pat.”
She shook her head and with anger she said
‘Where do you think that sorry sack is at?”

“He’s dam fishing, casting along the rocks
Dam fishing, trawling up and down the blocks
He oughta be home working this honey-do list
But instead, he’s over yonder, flicking his wrist & dam fishing”

I think he’s getting stressed, maybe he’s gone depressed
Hell, I think he just might be obsessed
With dam fishing, out there every day
Dam fishing, he’s getting carried away
I’ve tried to talk some sense but it’s done no good
That bass fish had gone and turned him into a fool
For dam fishing