Nashville Sessions

Holman Autry Band

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One of the most exciting Bands to come along in years. They blend country and rock into an exciting genre all its own. These special recordings are available only on this CD. Listen and enjoy.

Every once in a while Bands get to work with true music masters. Davis Causey the Recording Engineer of this project fits that title, a true music master. Now a bit about the Band. This Band is comprised of members from Madison County, Georgia, just outside of Athens, Georgia, that have been playing together to create the original Holman Autry Band sound and style. Holman Autry Band - a little bit of Hank, a little bit Metallica, and a healthy dose of "Southern Rock" and "Country" - that is all a part of the Holman Autry Band sound. If you like Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Allman Brothers Band, and Gov’t Mule, you are sure to love the Holman Autry Band. They have been friends now for many years. The youngest Band member is 23 and the oldest Band member is 28, as of October 2010. They have been playing in so many venues and have been welcomed everywhere they go. We are constantly making so many new friends and fans alike and thank you all for that. Whether you call it Southern Rock or Country they’ve got what it takes. The debut album on CD, self titled “Holman Autry Band”, was released in April of 2007. The second album on CD, titled “Sweet Southern Wind”, was released in March of 2009 and has already been dubbed a “must own” CD. Both of the full length CDs are marketed internationally. Now with the release of Nashville Sessions, the EP, you can complete your collection from this group as of December 2010. These recordings were done especially for a group of folks in Nashville, TN and thank you for the encouragement. Their music is receiving radio airplay now as far away as Belgium and into other parts of Europe as well. Their favorite pastime is performing live on stage. Visit our website at Brodye Brooks is the lead guitarist with the Band. Josh Walker is rhythm guitarist and a vocalist with the Band. Casey King is the bass player and a vocalist with the Band. Daniel Sartain is rhythm guitarist and also a vocalist with the Band. Brandon Myers is the drummer with the Band. Also on the album Nashville Sessions, the original bass player, Nathan R Myers (Nate) is the bass player on these tracks. Nate is currently a school teacher and a husband.

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