Holman Autry Band

by Holman Autry Band

Released 2007
Released 2007
Holman Autry Band - a little bit of Hank, a little bit Metallica, and a healthy dose of "Southern Rock" and "Classic Rock" - that is all a part of the Holman Autry Band sound .
The Holman Autry Band is a talented Band from Madison County, Georgia (minutes from Athens, GA) that have been playing together to create the original Holman Autry Band sound and style. Holman Autry Band - a little bit of Hank, a little bit Metallica, and a healthy dose of "Southern Rock" and "Classic Rock" - that is all a part of the Holman Autry Band sound. If you like Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Allman Brothers, and Gov’t Mule, you are sure to love the Holman Autry Band. They have been friends now for many years. The lead guitarist is 22 and the oldest band member is 28, as of January 2010. They have been playing all over the State of Georgia and have been welcomed everywhere, and are making so many new friends and fans alike. Practice, writing, and other Band matters for these guys takes place on Holman Autry Road. Whether you call it Southern Rock or Country they’ve got what it takes. The debut album on CD, self titled “Holman Autry Band”, was released in April of 2007. This new Second Full Length CD features much more original Holman Autry Band music! This is a must own CD titled “Sweet Southern Wind”. The Second album on CD has an official release date of March 7, 2009. Their favorite pastime is performing live on stage. The member of the Holman Autry Band, with a touch of background, on each follows:

is the lead guitarist with the Band. He solos with the best of them and continues to amaze everyone. He creates new music and lyrics as well. His lead guitar lines are original and his style is unique. You’ll see Brodye perform with his Les Paul sidekick. He has been playing guitar for about 6 years now, and can hang with the best of them.

(alias Lucky) is rhythm guitarist and a vocalist with the Band. He’s found his own with the band and writes music and lyrics as well. Josh adds a vocal magic all his own to the Band as you will hear. You’ll see him playing his Martin and loving every minute of it. He has been playing guitar now for just over 12 years and it shows.

is the bass player and a vocalist with the Band. He brings lots of versatility to the band. He has been singing I guess all his life now. His harmonica adds a lot of feeling to their songs. He writes lyrics to a lot of the songs. He also brings a lot of life and energy to the band both at practice and on stage.

is the drummer with the Band. His favorite thing is playing the drums. He can drum to anything…and usually does. He and Brodye Brooks, above mentioned, have played music together for about 6 years. So, naturally, they can come up with some magic from musical experiences together.

If you're looking for a fresh approach to Southern Rock, or some call it Black Label Country, come and listen to the Holman Autry Band, it's a promise they will keep you entertained. Join us as often as you can at the live shows. With great friends and fans like YOU, our dreams will become realities.

We thank you all... See you soon!
Brodye, Josh, Casey, and Myers
Holman Autry Band