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Holman Autry Band: Song Reviews

What you and other folks are saying about Dark Haired Woman: 

“Awesome rock and roll. Reminds me of John Cougar Mellancamp. Very good riffs and soon to be a new classic rock song for this year. The rhythm guitar, bass guitar and drums where well arranged. The lead vocals and harmonies where clear and the songs message is good. I believe this song will easily be a number one on the Billboard charts of 2014!! This too will be a great seller in today's music market. The lead guitar part really rocked!! An extremely awesome fresh rock song.”

“Shapely, tuneful, and expressive intro. The vocals are raw, dynamic, and edgy including the great dynamics of the background singers. The lyrics are original and punchy. The instrumentals of the guitar and drums add a great tune along with the solo of one of the guitars. The song is expressive with confidence and a time to get up and dance.”

“The guitar sounds awesome combined with the drums and the raspy voice of the singer. Very retro/ country like sounding but also with a twist of rock. A great song for a club/bar and karaoke night! Fun sound to play at a house party, BBQ, birthday party. Makes me think of dancers at a bar like Coyote Ugly! Should be a song used in a movie soundtrack!”

“Great intro, and especially love the tune and melody. Like how the vocals start right away, and this song reminds me of the movie with Reese Witherspoon, called Cruel Intentions where she is driving down the highway at the end of the movie, with her hair just blowing in the wind. This song is very positive, uplifting, and definitely a pick me up when you need it. The beat and melody match the speed at which the singer is singing, which I like, because I can keep up with the song. This song reminds me of all my   favorite classic rock n roll songs. Loving it!”

Reviews - "Dark Haired Woman"

What you and other folks are saying about Sweet Southern Wind:

“This song is absolutely genius! The beat is amazing and makes you want to get up and dance. The medley flows with the overall rhythm of the song perfectly. The lyrics are awesome and are really catchy I listened once and are already singing along. The tone and pitch of the artists voice is great as well! Thumbs up!”

“I'm loving this, the flow of the track has a feel from country to a lil pop on the slick side. Lyrics go nicely with the beat, back up lyrics are clear and at right tone to make out what they are saying. I think for country this will be in the TOP 10. Great job!!!”

“The first few seconds reminded me of Bon Jovi... Although I am not a big fan of country, I really like this. I think this could work as a crossover hit in the southern states easily. The drums added a foot tapping beat to it. I was really pleasantly surprised with this song. This band could be playing all over Texas if all their songs are this good.”

“Bluesy feel. Kind of reminds me of southern rock like Lynyrd Skynyrd. Also reminds me of the Black Crows. Could hear this on country radio everyday! Could be a rock n roll hit also, and just amp up the aggressiveness in the track and it would work as a Kid Rock tune as well.”

Reviews - "Sweet Southern Wind"

What you and other folks are saying about State Of Peace:

“Awesome introduction with the music. The concept is great and I love this in a song. I like this song with the lyrics and the melody working great together. The timbre works well all through the whole song. all in all it is a great song and it is something I would love to listen to over and over again. The hook is stuck in my head already! The dynamics are steady through the whole song. I like the faster tempo of the song with a hint of a slower tempo. The length of the song is perfect and he is able to get his point across.”

“Now I'm not a fan of country music, but the artist has a great voice that sounds very good along with the calm guitar riffs. Harmonies sounded great, as well as the overall mix. This song I believe should be a commercial success. The vocals really stand out over this beautifully crafted journey in music. I can hear this song in a movie soundtrack as well one day!”

“Let me just say this is amazing! The beginning of the song just brings tears to my eyes. The flow of the song just warms my heart. It brings a smile to my face listening to the guitar. The singer sings the song so perfectly. He sounds great! The lyrics make so much sense and touch my heart! I can recommend this to anyone that likes ANY genre of music. The harmony is so perfect. Anyone would love the instrumental proportions and the rhythm of the song.”

“There's a lot of complex song writing, this is a dynamic experience. Here is a record that gives listeners four minutes of nothing but great country sounds. There is a lot of diversity behind the music, with many dynamic types of shading. There are moments where you might hear sustained lines with a sparkle of resonant chords. The audience is able to enjoy the rhythmic intensity. This exciting musical composition brings out a sense of love with a taste of adventure. Listeners are able to enjoy the medium tempo of the different rhythms.”

“This song starts out with a man singing in a very low voice which comes off as very nice. It makes it so the listener can listen to it without feeling like it, it totally takes over the song. The lyrics are also nicely written in this romantic song. I think the chorus combined with the singing ability of the artist makes the song especially nice to listen too. There are just a lot of neat things about this song that would make it a HIT and popular because it can relate to such a large audience.”


Reviews - "State Of Peace"